German Reformed Church

At the intersection of Bolshaya Morskaya Street and Pochtamtsky Lane, a building that used to be known as the former Palace of Culture of Communications Workers rises above the Moika. It’s closed today. The city authorities plan to turn it into a part of the public space “Postal Quarter”.

And once this part of the city was decorated with a high Gothic cathedral. The German Reformed Church was built in 1865. In the 30s of the XX century, however, it was turned into a Palace of Culture for Communication Workers. The church was closed and rebuilt in the constructivist style, while preserving the existing walls.

Here is a panorama from Yandex maps. This is the current view of this building

I’ve always been interested in doing restoration work, learning how things used to be, studying old technologies, and using modern architectural design techniques.

Once I came across an abandoned building by chance and decided to learn its history. As it turned out that an unremarkable abandoned building turned out to be a large cathedral, I decided to make a 3D reconstruction of this building. I found materials on the Internet that helped me restore the appearance of this temple.


In my work I used materials that I found on the Internet

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